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Through rigorous testing in cutting-edge acoustic facilities, our solid and glass demountable architectural walls consistently deliver premium results, meeting specified ratings while addressing individual client requirements. With a diverse range of products, including single and double glazing options, as well as solid doors, our comprehensive offerings cater to various levels of acoustic privacy, providing tailored solutions for every need.

The acoustic performance of any space hinges on several factors, including background sound levels, often stemming from HVAC systems, reverberation influenced by the quantity and positioning of sound-absorbing materials, and the effectiveness of partitions and doors in providing acoustic isolation or privacy. Our wall solutions are meticulously engineered to excel in both sound absorption (NRC) and sound isolation (STC), ensuring a harmonious acoustic environment. 

Professional Wall Installation

During your wall installation, our onsite manager from Facilities Resource Inc. (FRI) will supervise the entire process, giving you one less thing to worry about. Our goal is to ensure that each piece of commercial furniture is purchased, delivered, installed, and decorated according to your design. Just like any furniture, wear and tear are inevitable over time. As an FRI client, we remain available long after installation. Our experts will discuss and review the manufacturer's warranty and maintenance guidelines with you. We understand that certain facilities endure more wear and may require ongoing maintenance due to regular use. Our team is readily available for any facility repairs needed.
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Optimal acoustical perfomance with Metwall

Our wall systems boast modular construction and a range of design options, providing tailored solutions to accommodate various collaboration, socializing, focused work, and tranquil settings within a space. By offering visual and acoustic privacy options, our walls effectively address the challenges of modern interior design, creating versatile environments that meet the diverse needs of occupants. With meticulous attention to detail, clean lines, and precise reveals, our walls seamlessly integrate into any architectural interior, resolving common design dilemmas while delivering outstanding acoustical performance.

Facilities Resources Inc. offers a diverse selection of wall systems, including frameless glass walls, designed to seamlessly blend with a variety of aesthetic and functional design options. With over 50 years of expertise, our modular wall systems address a wide spectrum of needs, ranging from budget considerations to functional requirements, effectively solving challenges commonly encountered in interior design. Whether creating serene private offices, vibrant creative hubs, or practical shared spaces, our solutions provide swift, effortless, and exceptional performance, ensuring that every aspect of your space is tailored to your unique vision.

The right architectural wall solution for your office

At Facilities Resource Inc., we specialize in helping you find the perfect wall solutions in Austin, TX for your office. Tailored to your unique needs and style preferences. With our vast selection and personalized service, we’ll ensure you discover the ideal furniture solutions to create a productive and inviting workspace.

When it comes to office furniture in Austin, Facilities Resource Inc. (FRI) has you covered. Modular walls have many uses. These include fencing, boundary walls, acoustic fencing, retaining walls and panels, feature walls, privacy screens, commercial noise barriers, and acoustic enclosures.

Operable walls are handy for dividing big spaces. They’re used in places like conference centers, classrooms, and offices to create separate areas for different activities. With these walls, you can easily adjust the space to fit your needs, whether it’s for meetings, events, or private work areas.

Demountable walls are like operable walls, but they can be taken apart and moved to different locations. They’re useful for dividing large spaces into smaller ones, just like operable walls, and are commonly used in places such as offices, conference rooms, and classrooms. With demountable walls, you can easily change the layout of a space to suit your needs without making permanent changes to the building.

Glass walls are transparent walls made of glass panels. They’re used to separate spaces while still allowing light to pass through, creating an open and bright environment. Glass walls are commonly found in modern offices, and conference rooms, where they add a sleek and contemporary touch while maintaining a sense of openness and connectivity.

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Customizable Design

Our wall systems are easy to customize and rearrange, adapting to your changing needs and space requirements effortlessly. This adaptability ensures that your workspace stays flexible and efficient, making the most of your available area.

Space-Saving Storage

Featuring built-in storage options, our wall systems help you keep your workspace organized and clutter-free, maximizing usable space. This organization promotes a neat and efficient environment, improving productivity and workflow.

Noise Reduction

Our wall systems are designed to reduce noise levels, creating quieter workspaces that enhance focus and concentration. This quieter environment supports better productivity and employee well-being.

Environmentally Friendly

Made with sustainable materials and practices, our wall systems help reduce environmental impact and support your green initiatives. Choosing eco-friendly options demonstrates your commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility, enhancing your company's reputation.

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