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Office moving & relocation services

Relocating your business can be a demanding process, but it’s a crucial step towards your organization’s growth and success. Ensuring a smooth commercial move is essential to maintain productivity and minimize disruptions. We understand the importance of completing your office relocation on schedule to avoid unexpected downtime. Our goal is to streamline the process, minimize surprises, and protect your assets, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your business.

When it comes to business relocations, whether within a year or on a tighter timeline, Facilities Resource, Inc. stands ready to facilitate a seamless transition. From the outset, our dedicated project management team collaborates with you to identify the specific goals and tasks required for a successful move. We handle all aspects of the relocation, ensuring that the necessary work is performed and coordinating personnel involvement to guarantee a smooth and efficient process. With FRI as your single resource solution, you can simply pack up and transition to your new space with confidence, knowing that we manage and simplify the entire relocation for you.

Facilities Resource INC

Professional Office Relocation

Facilities Resource, Inc. (FRI) specializes in providing professional corporate and commercial relocation management services. With over 20 years of industry experience, we offer a comprehensive range of turnkey solutions for office relocation, furniture installation, inventory management, warehousing, and logistics. FRI is your trusted partner to ensure a successful and seamless move. Our dedicated team of full-time experts, including project managers, support staff, in-house movers, installers, delivery drivers, and warehouse workers, collaborates seamlessly from start to finish. Whether it’s a large-scale corporate relocation or a smaller project, you can rely on FRI’s people, resources, and expertise to deliver on time and within budget. Choose FRI for a stress-free and successful relocation experience.
Notable Case Study Snap Shot Project

Texas Call Center Project

Facilities Resource, Inc. (FRI) recently successfully executed a comprehensive re-stack project for a company’s call center in Midland, Texas. This substantial project involved reconfiguring 108,000 square feet of space to accommodate 877 occupants. Serving as the furniture planner, FRI took on the challenge of optimizing the existing furniture layout to integrate an additional 126 workstations seamlessly.

Our scope of services included modular furniture planning, specification of all furniture, coordination of furniture delivery to the site, and the complete installation of all furniture. FRI also managed personnel relocation and provided computer disconnect/reconnect services throughout the eight-phase project.

Notable Project: Austin, Texas Call Center (Leased Building)
Square Footage: 107,500
Occupants: 960

Professional relocation services provided

In response to the call center’s growth, Facilities Resource, Inc. (FRI) delivered expert reconfiguration services, making additions to the existing modular furniture. FRI played a crucial role in enhancing the overall aesthetics of the site by selecting new carpeting and paint. The meticulous execution of this project included scheduling the replacement of all carpeting and conducting painting activities throughout the facility, carefully coordinating with call center shifts to minimize disruptions.

We facilitate a wide variety of tasks your behalf, including:

Other Services

When you choose FRI, the list of services we can provide for your company extends well beyond office relocation assistance. We also have extensive experience with office design and project coordination, and we are one of the leading office furniture dealers in the Austin and San Antonio, Tx. area. Whether you need someone to help plan your new office space, oversee its build-out, or help you select the furniture that will turn it into the space you’ve been envisioning, we are the single-resource solution you have been searching for. We offer modern office furniture products from more than 100 leading manufacturers, including Trendway and Kimball, and our furniture experts can help you choose the products that fit your vision and ensure they are installed perfectly.

If you would like to learn more about the office relocation and business transition services we offer in the Austin, TX, area, contact Facilities Resource, Inc., today.

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