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When collaborating with external dealers, design firms frequently encounter difficulties in sourcing furniture and design solutions that match their project vision. These challenges can lead to bottlenecks and insufficient attention from the dealer, increasing the stress of meeting client expectations, adhering to timelines, and maintaining quality. Partnering with FRI provides design firms with peace of mind, as we are committed to investing in the project’s success and ensuring every aspect aligns with the client’s requirements.

Our History

At FRI, we understand the pressures of client budget constraints while maintaining design intent of today's interior designers, which is why we focus on PROVIDING SOLUTIONS instead of just selling furniture. With 27 years of experience in workplace furniture solutions, we employ highly professional and experienced designers who bridge the gap between design and functionality and understand the relationship of both form and function. Our expertise and commitment to excellence have been recognized through various awards and distinctions, such as being a Kimball International Select Dealer and working some of the largest companies and employers in the Austin and Central Texas market today.

Our Process

Our Process

Step 1: We begin by defining the work scope, including plans and budgeting guidelines.

Step 2: Next, onboard the client project with a dedicated team.

Step 3: Provide renderings of the proposed design and select suitable furniture that will complement the design.

Step 4: After the client approves the design and furniture selection, facilitate the order through logistics, installation, and quality control.

Finally, ensure that the design firm delivers exceptional service and the client is satisfied with the end result. This will help the design firm to shine in their client's eyes.

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By collaborating with FRI, design firms not only secure a trusted partner that delivers the wow factor, ensuring client satisfaction and future business, but also stand a chance to gain industry recognition and pride from successful, standout projects. Each project becomes a showcase of visual appeal, functionality, and positive customer experience.

In contrast, by collaborating with experienced FRI team, design firms can meet deadlines, stay within budgets, maintain design integrity, and minimize stress, resulting in satisfied clients and enhanced designer reputations.

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