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Office furniture & seating for today's modern businesses

We offer some of today’s beautifully designed, best in class ergonomic and task seating for today’s business world. Our seating solutions blend quality, versatility, and value, ensuring comfort and style for any work environment. With some of the fastest lead times in the industry, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional seating solutions that meet the demands of modern businesses efficiently and reliably. Let our experts at FRI help you with a multitudr of product offerings for your business.

Ancillary spaces have become integral to modern environments. Whether you need to enhance your lounge, lobby, reception, café, or breakroom, these areas provide a place to relax and recharge.

As office spaces evolve into “resimercial” environments—a blend of residential and commercial styles—there is an increasing demand for comfortable, inviting areas that allow for both relaxation and productivity. These hybrid spaces offer a versatile solution, serving as both welcoming areas and functional meeting spaces.

Innovative & well designed furniture

We emphasizes the importance of comfort and dedication to ensuring a seamless experience for customers. We take a comprehensive approach to the office furniture and seating process, considering everything from selection of style, aesthetics, budget to delivery and personalized customer service.
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Building flexible spaces for your workplace

Ancillary spaces support culture and collaboration in the workplace. They put people at ease, encourage conversation, and nurture well-being. As offices shift to accommodate a mix of individual and group spaces, ancillary elements provide adaptability and comfort. FRI’s ancillary solutions help people gather, connect, and restore.    

A Multitude Of Seating Options for your business

Many office and lounge seating style options

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Ancillary Seating Furniture Options


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