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Pure, healthy air for any occupied space

Every organization wants to provide a healthy and comfortable workspace for their teams, customers, and guests. But without an effective air quality strategy, even the most health and wellness focused minded organizations are putting their people at
risk. When organizations prioritize HEPA-grade air purification throughout their spaces, the benefits go far beyond better breathing.

While COVID-19 may no longer be top of mind for some organizations, recent surveys and continued research show that the need to improve IAQ is here to stay. The devastating global impact of the latest pandemic permanently altered public perceptions of indoor air quality and how organizations need to change.

Our Array System Is The Most Advanced Networked Air Quality System

Employees are aware of the impact of air quality on their health

The push for cleaner indoor air in our workplaces has been led by public health researchers, national associations and the White House, which have all recognized the role employers, contractors and consultants can play in designing and improving workplaces for better indoor air quality (IAQ). Fellowes surveyed over 1,000-employees of all ages and found that only 1-in-3 said their air was very clean. However, 100% of the people surveyed agreed that the quality of the air they breathe directly impacts their health and well-being..

Seamless and scalable solution to clean air

Our team proudly presents Fellowes’ Array, thoroughly tested to ensure top-notch performance, even in challenging conditions. Rest assured, it meets the most stringent standards and certifications with efficiency and effectiveness.

Array air purification system is designed to fit seamlessly into any space and can provide localized air quality management throughout your building. With no connection to duct work, Array is ideal for retrofit implementation.

  • Aesthetically fits in any Décor​
  • Placement of units can be ​in closer proximity to the ​source of contaminants
  • Easily scalable to add units in ​other spaces at any time as needs change

Fellowes patented EnviroSmart+™ Technology continuously monitors the environment for changes in occupancy density and conditions of the space and automatically adjusts units to ramp up or down as needed, cleaning air faster than stand-alone units.

  • Every purifier and sensor continuously monitors and visualizes trends of the top 9 air quality factors so that you can easily monitor changes in Indoor Air Quality and correlate them to your building performance.
  • Their full suite of IAQ, monitoring and comfort sensors include particulate (PM2.5, PM10), VOC/TVOCs, CO2, RH, temperature, indoor air pressure, light, occupancy and sound.
  • Every unit independently and securely connects to the cloud utilizing LTE at no charge* which means that you won’t need to have a local network in order to use our technology.

Their 3-in-1 filter is 99.95% effective in capturing particles as small as 0.1 microns including viruses, allergens and germs. Featuring H13 True HEPA filtration, two times more effective than MERV13.


  • Proprietary mixed flow fan helps provide eACH to reach building requirements; reducing strain on existing HVAC Systems
  • Units continuously sensing changes in occupancy and particulates, adjusting only when needed helping to reduce energy use.

Array provides you with smart air purification. With intuitive monitoring and display technologies, you can view the exact air quality status of your space in real-time through the Viewpoint Display

  • Viewpoint displays concurrent data, notifications, trends and information that enables optimal indoor Air Quality Management. Available with every Array device at no charge*. All units connect through building-wide, secure LTE.
  • With global management via the cloud-based dashboard, building managers can schedule maintenance needs, track air quality over time, and identify correlations with energy usage**.
  • Array’s Lookout displays and community dashboard shows precise air quality status and filtration progress.

Design To compliment HVAc Systems

Fellowes air quality management solutions at work

Our team of experts will work closely with you to assess your space and individual needs, recommend the best system solution for your air quality management needs, and determine how many units you may require based on factors such as square footage, occupancy rates, and more.

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Professional Air Quality Installation

During your furniture installation, our onsite manager from Facilities Resource Inc. (FRI) will supervise the entire process, giving you one less thing to worry about. Our goal is to ensure that each piece of commercial furniture is purchased, delivered, installed, and decorated according to your design. Just like any furniture, wear and tear are inevitable over time. As an FRI client, we remain available long after installation. Our experts will discuss and review the manufacturer's warranty and maintenance guidelines with you. We understand that certain facilities endure more wear and may require ongoing maintenance due to regular use. Our team is readily available for any facility repairs needed.

Proudly offering Air Qulity Solutions in Austin TX

We Know Air Purification

With over 15 years of experience in delivering advanced solutions, rigorous testing, and exceptional customer support, our company is thrilled to present Air Quality Solutions. Standing as the ultimate choice for elevating Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in commercial environments.

Complimentary Space Planning

Every project is significant to us. Our IAQ experts provide tailored space planning, pricing, and services to meet your specific needs.

Top-notch Quality, Performance, and Customer Service

Fellowes: a trusted family-owned manufacturer since 1917, now in its fourth generation. We're proud to offer their top-quality products to our clients, backed by over a century of excellence.

Designed And Engineered In The U.S.

Proudly serving Austin, TX, and beyond, our company brings you Fellowes' cutting-edge IAQ solutions & designs.

Array Air Quality Management At Work


To discuss your project in detail contact us for a comprehensive evaluation and tailored solution.